Where does the summer go?

Hello Lovely People,

We hope you have fared well over the summer months and that no one has completely melted away. It’s hard to believe that it is already mid August…Wow!  Well, it always seems to happen like that.  The cool mornings and evenings have begun.

We had a full schedule out east earlier this summer and were happy to see that some songs off “Yeti Sounds” were and still are getting local radio play here and there across the rugged and vast mass we know as Canada.  Keep listening and sharing songs with your friends; we’ll love you long time!  Thanks to everyone who came to see us and those who supported us by buying the discs.  Thanks to everyone in Montreal for coming out to that last show at Casa.  That was a great night for us and a nice way to cap off the east-coast tour.

There is a bit of mystery in terms of what are next step is as ‘Wind-Up Radio Sessions’.  While we had an excellent time playing Duckstock this weekend, it was without our guitarist/banjo guru Dave Crosbie who will shortly be venturing across the sea to Scotland, to spend the next year furthering his studies.  Marc is set to get married in the coming weeks and the same for Dan in the fall.  Matt will also be back to school in only a few weeks. 

We’ll be in touch before long; perhaps announcing plans to record, to play locally or abroad.  Again, thank you for all of your ongoing support.  We’ll be sure to update any media that comes along on this blog and the Facebook page.  We leave you with this video of “Union’s an Art” that was shot at Caper Radio in Cape Breton earlier this summer. 





Casa Del Popolo (Mtl) on Saturday July the 20th

Hello y’all,

We hear there are storms west of us shutting off power and doing all sorts of damage.  Well, here in New Brunswick, we are getting ready to arrive in Montreal tomorrow afternoon to finish off the Yeti Sounds tour at Casa.  We’re set to start off the night, so expect us to hit the stage a little after 10:00.

We’ve had an excellent time out east and some really fun shows.  Thanks so much to Matthew and Ann Mackay for putting us up in Charlottetown and creating a great atmosphere for us to wind down and relax for a few days.  Thanks to Aunt Karen and Uncle Sean for picking up those forgotten items in St. John’s. With all the driving and ferries, the time has flown and it is hard to believe that we’ll be back tomorrow.  We’re really looking forward to it.  If you’re in Montreal, we’d love to see you out on Saturday night!

Thanks to everyone whose hosted us and organized the shows throughout the past few weeks. 



WURS at the beach in PEI.

On The Rock

Yeti update!

The last few days have been a bit of whirlwind for us. We’ve been taking in as much of Newfoundland as possible, while still being ‘a band on tour’. Corner Brook was a fun, fun, night with Windom Earle and B.A. Johnston, and everyone was extremely welcoming. After not much sleep at all, we spent the next day on the road to St. John’s. 8 1/2 driving on 4 hours sleep isn’t the most natural of things to do, but it was totally worth it for our show at Nellie’s that night. We played to a great crowd, met some wonderful people, and enjoyed some of the local talent (big thanks to Josh Bourden and BOATTS for rocking with us). By the next day we were shattered, yet again, but set aside enough time to play tourists and go visit Signal Hill and Cape Spear. Incredible views and the most eastern point in North America! We ended up having another late one, and now we’re chilling before tonight’s show at The Levee. It’s been a wild time in Newfoundland but after tonight, we’ll be back on the road heading for PEI.

Till the next blog update!

We’ve arrived in Newfoundland!

Hello Folks,

We’ve just arrived in Newfoundland!  After making our way from Halifax, we had a great night at Governors in Sydney before heading to the ferry terminal in North Sydney for a 5:00am departure to Port-aux-Basques Newfoundland.  Thanks so much to Darryl for promoting and organizing last night’s show, and Ian MacDougall for being a great opener.  We went to line up for the ferry right after the show, bunked away for the night and woke late this morning in a salty fog.

We’ll be driving to Corner Brook for tonight’s show at the White Horse Lounge before making our way a cross the rock to St. John’s where we will be spending the weekend.  We must say, we’re very excited to be here in Newfoundland.  We’ll be sure to get some more updates happening in the near future along with some photos.  In the meantime, please keep voting for us on CBC Radio 3 to keep us in their rotation. Be in touch soon!


Free Download of ‘Diane’

What better way to kick off the east coast tour then with a free download of ‘Diane’, eh?  Follow the link below to our bandcamp and add this song to all your playlists.  Heck, maybe throw it on while you are in your kitchen baking some desserts, or sitting on a sunny hill collecting the rays.

Free Download of ‘Diane’

Thanks to Paul at the Blacksheep in Wakefield for hosting a great show, along with Her Harbour and Shannon Rose & the Thorns for putting on fantastic performances.  We are back in Montreal to rehearse some new additions for the upcoming shows, and heading out Sunday afternoon.  Keep your fingers crossed that the van makes it, and if you are out east, look for us in your local listings.


BlackSheep – Wakefield Qc – Friday July 5th

Very excited for this show tomorrow night, performing with Shannon Rose and the Thorns, and Her Harbour.  If you are in the Gatineau-Ottawa area, please come on out to support the opening night of the Yeti Sounds summer tour.  The Blacksheep has been one of our favourite venues to play over the last few years; check out this link for a carpool service if you are looking for a way to get down to Wakefield from the Ottawa area.

The Longest Days of the Year


Happy first days of summer!  Thanks to all of our fans, friends and family who have been voting for us on CBC Music.  This past week we reached #1 on the CBC Radio 3 top indie songs chart!  (bow)

In terms of an update, we had a wonderful time at the Quai des brumes in Mtl this past Wednesday, playing with Pang Attack and Brad Barr (The Barr Brothers).  We’re looking forward to getting the east coast tour on the road.  Be in touch soon


June Reviews and New Video

Hey y’all,
Hope you are all taking good care of yourselves. A few reviews have made their way to the internet since we last posted. Check out these kind words from Grayowl Point.  Also, here’s a short review from Kerry Doole and New Canadian Music.  We are busy rehearsing this weekend and challenging ourselves to get some even newer songs ready for the upcoming performances.  Matt again has been busy compiling footage for another video.  Check out  More Man Came


‘Yeti Sounds’ is out!

Well hello out there!

Hope you are enjoying yourselves and hope that you’ve endowed yourselves by giving ‘Yeti Sounds’ a listen.  It seems ‘Diane’ has been welcomed into the CBC Radio 3 rotation and gotten a bit of CBC Radio One time.  That’s all very good news for us.  Exclaim.ca has also taken note of the new release; keep your eyes out for reviews popping up.

Matt just came back from a skip, hop, and a jump across the pond, so the 4 of us are reuniting this weekend to rehearse for the upcoming tour.  For all of you who are impatiently waiting the arrival of your Indiegogo exchanges, the wait will soon be over!

Keep listening,